Our Motto
arrow_sbconsultancy Think for Nature & Work for Society
Our Vision
arrow_sbconsultancy The long term vision is the sustainable socio-economic development of the poor and under priviliged people of the siociety. To strengthen the under privileged community and the woman-folk by empowering them so that the fruits of development could be shared by all.To bring a new meaning of life to the common people through different educational, environmental, cultural, good health practices and work culture for ensuring community development based on the principle of "THINK FOR NATURE, WORK FOR SOCIETY."
Our Mission
arrow_sbconsultancy To achieve our objectives through dedicated, committed and competent team-work by utilising the unutilised and under utilised resources.
arrow_sbconsultancy To enhance the human resources through different trainings and orientation programmes which will lead community mobilization to ensure mass participation sector-wise.
arrow_sbconsultancy To commit and build IMPACT-NE as society which is based on social values and as media for the poor, underpriviliged and vulnerable section of our society for their life upliftment.