SHELTER PROJECT (A Project on Self Help Empowerment & Linkage for Training Employments & Reforms)
The SHELTER project had started in the year 2007 by the Organization. .which were originally supported by NABARD . Under this SHELTER project IMPACT-NE had developed 50 nos of SHGs amongst the poor and distressed people, to ensure and secure their livelihood through credit linkage from financial institution and to empower them socially and economically. During the year 2011-12, the organization only looked after the activities carried out by different SHGs taken loans in different times during the whole period of the project but no fresh credit linkages were made for any SHGs but supported to grow up. Moreover through this project sufficient initiatives were taken to help the SHGs to refund their loans to the bank within time limit and to avail next loans for their more economic activities and established proper linkage with Development.

Block concerned to have better official benefits from development authoriry and to have more financial support from the government in future to take up big and financially viable projects . During the year total three nos SHGs were facilitated to get second time loan from the cocerned bank. Moreover another new six nos SHGs were formed in Dakhinpat area which have already received revolving funds from Majuli development Block, and to avail more fin otal 6 nos of SHGs are made credit linkage with State Bank of India Garamur Branch, Majuli other 23 nos are linked up during 2008-09. A total of 29 SHGs were linked up. Rest 21 nos of SHGs are yet to be linked. IMPACT-N.E. has submitted required documents of 21of SHGs to the bank for direct credit linkage and parallely the documents of the said SHGs were submitted to the Majuli Development Block Office for other govt support schemes for SHGs. These 6nos of SHGs have deposited an amount of Rs 1, 98, 770 in the bank, and received a total of Rs 2, 67,000/as loan from the bank. The 4 nos of SHG has repaid Rs 67, 000/ loan amount to the bank during the year.