Project on Majuli Brand Mustard Oil
majuli_sbconsultancyMajuli Brand Mustard Oil Project is a contineous project being run- by IMPACT-NE since 2005. It is a kind of project for socio-economic development of Majuli through agricultural processing and rural industrialization. The main objective of the project is to ensure benefit to the farming community by providing them direct market linkage to sale their mustard seeds at actual market rate. As mustard is the major agricultural products of Majuli so it requires a competitive market for the benefit of the farmers. Secondly, is to create employment opportunities for the local youths. Presently total 15 nos local unemployed has been getting employment evenues in the Project. Thirdly, instead of selling raw materials (mustard seeds) from Majuli, a trend of selling finished products (mustard oil) has been practiced in an organized manner through this project. Fourthly, to revitalize the one and only public sector commercial unit of Majuli for public benefit and economic growth.

majuli_sbconsultancy In the year 2011-12 , IMPACT-N.E. has earned a nominal profit from the unit and which has been spent in other welfare activities, under taken by the organization.