Professional Leadership workshop & Formation of Rengam Committee
Under the strong leadership of Miss Gili Nevon,- intern from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel working with IMPACT-NE in her internship programme on Global Community Development, she was very closely associated and involved in different programmes & acitivities during her internship period w.e.f. 1st Sept to 31st December, 2011 with her special foculs on community development as per objectives of her intership study. For mobilising and development of the targetted communities as a part of work carried out by IMPACT-NE, she gave more stress on the mising women artisans covered under the AHVY Project being implemented by the organization. 25 nos representatives of progressive women artisans were selected and entangled to form a community based organization in the name & style of Rengan in the early paart of Nov/2011 with certain objectives of empowering the mising community specially the womenfolk of the tribe the platform was created to cater the ways and to share the fruits of empowerment through different social, economic, cultural and other approaches meaningful for complete living. Finally as per decision of the general meeting of Rengam the platform was decided to register as a multipurpose cooperative under Assam Cooperative Act. Even it has not been registered yet but the committee has been working as an united and organised platform of the artisans as a whole.