Programme on Family Counseling Centre
The Family Counseling Centre being run by IMPACT - NE has been sponsored by Central Social Welfare Board, under Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. It is an agency for change and growth in individuals, families, groups and communities. It is a non profitcommunity based agency providing a variety of services like- counseling, support. and coordi-nation etc. IMPACT-N.E. had established the Family Counseling Centre for the first time in Majuli in the month of June, 2008 . With the help of the centre the organization has been able to tackle the family clashes, disputes and controver¬cies. The counselors have rendered their services through creating awareness on family counseling centre and the services that are provided through it.The centre has solved 72 nos of cases among total 80 nos registered cases during the year, from different parts of Majuli, which can be regarded as a great achievement in the field of social services through this center regarding peace and happi-ness building in the disputed families of the island coming to its contact. Likewise the preceeding years the total fund sanctioned for the year 2011- 12 was same in amount as Rs. 1, 92,000/- and theist installment i.e 50% of the sanctioned amount Rs 96,000 has already been released for first six months and the rest part is yet to be realeased.
Glimpse of Activities under Family Counseling Centre Scheme in 2011-12
1.1 Community Events under the Center
1.1 Community Events under the Center
Throughout the year for ensuring more public participation and with an intension to expand the scope of service the Center has conducting total 12 nos. of Awareness camps in diffrent areas of Majuli. Moreover, for adequate internal management of the center 4 nos.of Sub-committee meetings were organized time to time.

Glimpses of Activities

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