From the Chairman's Desk
(Amal Goswami)
Chairman, IMPACT-NE Majuli, Jorhat, Assam, (India)
" Go to the People, Live Among Them,
Learn from them, Love them,
Start with what They Know,
and to build on What they have "
M. K Gandhi

I have immense pleasure to place before you the annual report of the organization for the year 2011-12. The year gone by once again drew upon an eventful journey in the history of IMPACT-NE. Out of which maximum have added joyful and cheer memories, some are putting bad & sad experiences and some are risk bearing with various types of success and challenges. But in all the situations its members, volunteers and staffs were trying their best to take forward the orgainization with certain solutions, contributions and achievements in all the possible ways. The organization has been functioning as a platform to cater different social welfare and developmental services and activities focussing on different targetted communities through various types of short and long term activities, projects and programmes covering 3 adjacent districts i.e. Jorhat, Golaghat & Lakhimpur of Assam.

Apart from the other continuous activities and projects in this year some remarkable achievements were taken place i.e.- establishing a good relationship with Indian Institute of Entepreneurship, Guwahati for conducting different skill and entepreneurship development programmes with an objective to create new enterprises and to support educated unemployed youths to obtain employbility and finally the organization has moving out for signing a MoU with IIE as a partner institution to carry out such activities in future.

Secondly, entered into a legal agreement with Joya Gogoi College, Khumtai. Golaghat as a partner organization to take up different welfare and developmental activities (specifically academic) for the student communities in the area.

Thirdly, by the way of networking with various agencies and institutions the organization has succeeded to establish an institutional relationship with an International academic institute namely Habrew University of Jerusalem, IsreaL Ms Gili Navon, a student of the university under M.A. course in Global Community Development Studies had come over to Majuli to conduct her 4 months internship study with hands on work with the organization for the duration w.e.f. 1st Sept, to 31st Dec, 2011. In this period she had been involved deeply with the organization and put her every possible efforts to make the organization strong and contribute her best for community development in Majuli. As a result one new initiative was taken up for establishing a community organization including total 25 nos Mising women (progressive textiles artisans) and formed the organization in the name & style of 'Rengam' with a view to shape them as an empowered women by registering it as a multipurpose cooperative.

Fourthly, organized and conducted an exposure visit for Mising women artisans for the first time to Bongaigaon, where they were arranged and facilitated for field visit, stay, share and learn many more from an well known NGO 'The ANT' and established a good network and relationship with the women of Bodo community and finally in the month of November, 2011 a cultural exchange programme was taken place among the women of both Mising & Bodo community for the first time in Majuli.

Last but not the least, a special environmental awareness programme was organized in collaboration with 4 nos international volunteers, out of which 2 nos from lsreal, one from Japan and one from Canada. The participation of the international volunteers had influenced more on the school children regarding abuse of plastic to save Majuli. After successful completion of the internship of Gili Navon, Habrew University of Jerusalem had recognized IMPACT-NE as a partner organization.

I am very much honest to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to different persons, agencies, institutes and organizations of various local, national and international repute for the enormous contributions, supports and encouragements to make us inspired to bring forward the organization through different types of thoughts and actions without which the holistic journey of social welfare development of IMPACT-NE could never been possible. Moreover, I would like to appeal them and all others to join their strong hands with IMPACT-NE in coming future for more rapid and massive thoughts and activities on greater interest of community welfare and development targetting a world of peace and progress.